"Back in first grade, I was a brat who couldn’t be bothered with team sports. Didn’t care much about anything that didn’t affect me. But he was the one who made me understand how important it is to be part of a team; a community." 

Actually, you know what - I’m not even going to bite my tongue on this one because Tyler’s tag is fucking bullshit right now. Seriously, are we going to say that his plot of revenge is pointless, and that you are upset because he hurt Caroline? Oh my fucking god. So it’s pointless that he wants to get revenge on the guy that killed his mother? The last remaining piece to his family without any remorse? I’m sorry, did we not watch the same fucking show tonight and for the past two seasons? Klaus took away his life, made him into his little slave and abused him time and time again by making him out to be this bad guy that his friends couldn’t trust until he was unsired, to the guy that almost killed his girlfriend whom Klaus is so infatuated with because Klaus told him too - and yet, people are still upset at Tyler even though Klaus what, tried to kill Caroline twice? No wait, three times actually if you want to count season two for the sacrifice. But, whatever. I’m sorry, but what Klaus did to Tyler’s mother, to… well hell lets just add Aunt Jenna into the mix was unforgivable. And yet after tonight’s episode the only one that is still getting the most hate out of everyone is Tyler, whom deserves no hate in my opinion because he has his reasons for doing this, he has his reasons for doing what he did to Hayley - alright? And his reasons aren’t pointless; jesus fucking christ, fandom. 

 No, but seriously - if Tyler is the one torturing Hayley, then the reasoning should be clear. She’s carrying Klaus’s child; Klaus killed his mother - and the only attachment that Klaus really has aside from his family is the baby. So, to get back at him without actually killing him - is to put the baby in danger, so he knows what it feels like to lose something, so he can feel the pain of loss that Tyler has dealt with for what, the past year? I mean, that’s how I see it honestly and if Julie seriously didn’t write that as the reasoning then she’s a bigger dumbass than she has been for the past few years.