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"The bond effects
how you act;
not how you feel

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so      work and school were the main thing this weekend, i’m a double tomorrow and off on tuesday so i’ll probably do replies between now and then.

apparently there’s a jesse mccartney film on netflix that isn’t keith so i’m going to go watch that. therefore replies will be done later on.

"All I know is that I lose myself. At that time I become something else and I hate it."

so, remember when i went to warped tour like two weeks ago?

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a groan fell from the males lips as he 
stumbled down the stairs, closed fist
rubbing at his eyes while his free hand 
turned the knob to the front door to see
who the hell was pounding at the door this
early in the morning.

                      “This better be important, Gilbert.”

                 ”So, not to be a pain in the ass 
                  but do you still have my jersey?” 

       think you could maybe pass 
the ball back? Unless of course
you’re scared to break a nail.”

                     a lazy smirk tugged at the corner of his lip. 
                     he was being a jackass already, and it 
                     wasn’t even noon yet.

                          least he wasn’t known as the new kid now ; 
                          though he had to admit he was kind of taken
                          aback that she was welcomed with open 
                          arms with scott’s little pack. they didn’t seem 
                          to flock to newcomers much, he knew that one
                          due to personal experiences.

but maybe she got accepted 
because she was different? not 
that he wasn’t different because 
lets face it, clearly he was. but she
just seemed to mend in with them
better without giving off that wolf
scent and he didn’t get why.

                       ”       new girl, got a extra pencil?”

and that was the first step to figuring 
out why she was different herself.