would you kill, to save a life?
let it all burn
would you kill, to prove you're right?

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      “——I’m not gonna let you guilt me into giving you a bottle, Ty. Here—-you know what?” He reaches his hand into his back pocket and removes his wallet, leafing through it before dropping twenty dollars on the counter. As he tucks his wallet away with one hand, he reaches under the counter with the other and pulls a bottle of whiskey out, setting it on the table.

      “There. At least it’s paid for.”

      "Now was that so hard?"

     The old Tyler was showing through now as he watched his best friend give him another bottle of whiskey      one that the new Tyler wouldn’t make him pay for but that one was kind of fading at the moment because of the alcohol that was already in his system from before he even came to The Grill, something that Donovan would look down upon if he knew.

             But hey, he couldn’t live his life sober anymore        remember?



     “Look at that. You’re still alive.”

She poured him a glass as well and slid it over to him, a small smile playing on her lips.

              “So what’s going on with you?”


                 "Funny      because technically I’m not.”

 A  devious smirk tugged at the corner of his lips as he took the glass and brought it up to his lips, nearly finishing it in one gulp.

            “What makes you think that anything’s going on with me?”

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[ text ; stefan ] yis, dn’t make me steAl ze hair gel.