hybrid theory ;

"The bond effects
how you act;
not how you feel

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         Tyler definitely wasn’t helping their situation right now. She had been itching to go to the beach, be a normal person and have fun swimming and yet he was making it incredibly  hard to think about anything but his fingers on her own skin. That smirk that played onto him face told her that he knew exactly what he was doing and was enjoying every second of it. She couldn’t help but giggle when he finally pulled away from her and had to resist the urge to frown when he said he wouldn’t be touching her anymore. 

" What if I’m drowning, or just to happen to need mouth to mouth?
  Will you still be keeping your hands away from me then? “

         She was teasing him, of course. Head leaned back just a bit so she could look at the sky and frown for only just a few second. The blue sky had quickly turned grey and she wished the sun would come out, if only for a little bit longer. Sighing to herself, she leaned back as Tyler did, feeling the water against her skin. For just a second, she allowed the grey of the sky to take over the happiness she felt in her heart. 

" No one’s going to find us here, right? We will be okay? "

         It wasn’t as though she had any serious reason to worry. Even when she left, Caroline had only told her mom that she would be gone. She promised to return and say hello and hug her every now and then but she hadn’t mentioned where she and Tyler were running off to, just they they were running. Even still, nightmares plagued the blonde vampire from time to time; fear that their peace wouldn’t last long enough hung around no matter how much she tried to push it back. 


he knew how to make caroline’s idea of being a tease backfire ; especially now that they were both members of the dead, since that made their sexual desires a priority rather than something that came in second. though lately it had been in the back of their minds, because survival was something they caved more than sex. but, now that they were away from mystic falls and somewhere safe their desires were pushed forward to the front burner again.

                  ” you’re a vampire, you can’t drown. but i mean, to
                    hide the fact that you are to others i guess i’ll have 
                    to touch you in order to fake save you. “

a small chuckle fell from his lips as he continued to let the onshore pull him further out to sea, and further away from the beach that was slowly beginning to empty from the storm that was beginning to brew above. the mood in the water changed just as the clouds did, a grey haze fell over the two lovers as the thoughts of their life back in mystic came to mind along with the fear of them being found by klaus and whomever else along with it.

                 ” no one would can find us here, care. 
                   they’d have to use a lot of witch crap
                   to locate us      we are safe here. i promise.”


lightofthemoonx, fromthisabyss, theoriginalbarbieklaus


                 ❝Football games just aren’t my thing.
                   Then again, sports of any kind are
                    kind of a no go for me.❞


                     " yeah      well, it’s my thing. and if
                       i’m going to be your little caretaker
                       for the evening we are doing what
                       i want. got it? “



          “I can’t take you looking
           at me like that, Ty. Look,
           if you want it back, I’ll
           give it to you. I’ll do
           whatever you want.”

              ” what face? i always look at
                you with this face, caroline.
                and i said it was fine. keep it. “

♔ lightofthemoonx


      ░▐「  」;;  

           ”Your attitude.
                 —- Whatever.”


                    ” no attitude here. 
                             let’s just go. “



                                     ❛ …—-you know Caro,
                                      she believes there is a
                                      chance for you guys. I
                                      don’t want to be the rea—-

                       ” hey      caroline will get over it.
we broke up for a reason, and i 
                         have no desire in being with her 

                         and she gets that. so it’ll be fine.”


+ lightofthemoonx


      it doesn’t seem like anyone’s paying attention to her
       at the moment, so she shakes her head— looking at
       the ground while muttering.

            i’m starting to think this town’s on another hellmouth.
              all these animal attacks could give sunnydale a run
              for its money.

          he’s eavesdropping again      but for a good reason
          it seems seeing as the new blonde girl in town was
          off. and luckily to him being nosy came easy to him
          with his supernatural hearing abilities and all.

                                 ” i’m sorry        did you say something? “

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