his questions caught her off guard. though she knew
that she deserved them. they were both questions
that they both needed to answer. it wasn’t like
they could ignore it all. she couldn’t ignore the constant
bugging from caroline & bonnie. the judging stares.
no. this was a decision she had to make. a decision
she had to stop running from.

                it wasn’t like she didn’t know what she wanted.


     ❝ i want you to stay…so we can figure
         that out, ty.
         —— i…i don’t want to keep dodging
         my feelings for you…like they’re bad. ❞

he felt stupid being there, like he didn’t belong.
like matt was supposed to be here. not him.
tyler was the one that should’ve been with half
the girls in their grade by now, not the one that
was only hooked on one. that was donovan’s
thing. not his. and yet here he was standing
stupidly on her front porch wondering why the
hell he was doing this and what the hell they were.

               ” but i’m good at dodging. i can do dodging.
                 but this? i’m not the knight in shining armor guy,
                 i’m not the one that stands on a girls porch
                 like this and yet i’m doing it or at least trying to
                 and it’s freaking me out. “

crushes freaked it out. but, perhaps
that was only because he didn’t feel
like he deserved the feelings back.
he was a dick, no one was supposed
to fall for a dick.



     his back is reclined against a
     random locker while he converses with a friend. of
     course lucas isn’t paying much attention to
     what’s going on around him until a brazen
     female saunters up with a look that could possibly
     kill him. tipping his gaze upwards as she
     speaks a smirk then
     twists the edges of his mouth. 

     "did someone piss in your latte
     this morning sweetheart? i really doubt you
     can do that but maybe if you asked nicely i
     might move.”


     way to make a first impression,
     not that he really cared. if she was intent
     on being rude then he could reciprocate
     that with little effort.  

and cockiness was something that
she really didn’t order this morning.
especially not when she was already 
late to practice, and she was sure that 
once she crossed the sidelines that 
caroline would be freaking out over her
being late. which again was something
else that she didn’t need. then you added 
the pending full moon to the equation and 
well, you get irritated bitchy tyra.

                 ” sweetheart? clearly your mother never
                   taught you to not address a girl in a mood 
                   by that. “

the girl smirked, arms folding across her chest 
as she eyed the locker that was right behind his backside.

                    ” and how about i don’t ask nicely and 
                      you just move? it’ll only take all but ten
                      seconds and then you can continue 
                      talking about how you can’t get laid 
                      with your little friends. “



          “——like im going to make it that e a s y for you.”

                  ” i should be scared, shouldn’t i? “

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 ”Right       I’ve got it now. I should 
  probably just leave. Don’t want to
  make you feel any more sick than
  you already do. And, I know I said
  it already, okay?  It’s because it’s
  true.      I’d repeat it over and over
  again if it meant you’d believe me.”

" i didn’t mean it like that, caroline.
just stop, alright? you don’t have to
leave. or remind me over and over
again about how you’re sorry. we’ll
just      start over. “



                                     ❛ I should feel guilty about all
                                                    of this. But I don’t.


" this isn’t something you should
feel guilty about anyways, bon. i
mean, i don’t feel guilty either.
because, well, i like this. you and
me. us. it’s nice. “


she does know she shouldn’t dare him. 
they’ve known each other for how  long? 
running in the same social events circle 
due to both coming from founding familes?
except she did not care. anything to wipe
 that arrogant  smirk off his face.

            before it can be controlled, the heightened
           part that never backs down from a challenge
           is what flattens palms agains his chest & 
           shoves him against a nearby tree. tiny 
                  black veins spiking across her face.

                              ❝  ——- so, you were saying                      

he was too cocky for his own good ;
felt like he couldn’t be touched and
that nothing scared him. but that
though quickly changed when the girl
pushed him up against the nearest tree,
the veins of her monstrous side came to
play. fear struck quickly only to quickly fade
as his once smirk fades into a scowl. 

                                  ” do you really want to be marked by
                                    a wolf, hastings? the full moon is near,
                                    and as far as i’m concerned i won’t hurt
                                    you unless you try more than what you’re doing now. “


                           ” it was one. and i don’t give them out without a good reason.
                              lydia martin. i’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing a lot of each other. “


                           ” i’ll be sure to remember that.
                             nice to meet you, lydia. i’m tyler.
                             tyler lockwood. “



                “It’s not my crap,
                 so how would I know?
                 But how often do
                 we go in there anyway?

                     ” maybe because it’s your brothers
                       crap? never but that’s not the point      


A dry, rattling chuckle actually managed to slip past her lips as Alice joined Tyler by the door.  “I’m not really much of a driver…” she stated, trailing off as she realized what he was referencing.

Damon had died in a car.

His car.

It was a twisted heap of metal now, hauled out of the remains of the Grill.

Falling silent, the wolf opened the passenger door of the vehicle and hauled herself up into the seat.  “…What’s the thing you want to see most over there?”

        how could he forget how the eldest salvatore passed? in a car. how could he be that stupid to think that she would even want to drive let alone even be in a vehicle right now? he was going to have to find some back road out of town or something because he knew if he passed by the leftover pieces of the grill that it would all be over.

        blunt front teeth bite at his lower lip as he swerves his truck into the right lane, heading towards the boarding house where she could gather her things and hopefully not have a meltdown in the process. not that he would care if she did or anything, but, he just wanted to get her away from all of that       the memories, the meltdowns, just everything.

         ” the big ben actually, ” the wolf chuckled, trying his best to ease the tension that was between the two of them. ” but, honestly i’m looking forward to the food more than anything. “