come on caleb 
                                                         it’s not like it’s going to kill us.
                                                                  y e t.

home x about x verses

                                                             come on caleb 
                                                         it’s not like it’s going to kill us.
                                                                  y e t.

home x about x verses


"You were how old back then? What better did you
have to do besides sleep and playing? I mean, it’s been
over seven hundred years since I was that age, but
I highly doubt things have changed that much.”

          She almost surprised at how well he was
          keeping his anger in check with her, but honestly,
          she was thankful for it. She wasn’t in the mood
          to retaliate, really all she wanted was a hard
          drink and someone to share the bottle with. She
          could have cared less about the other activities.

"Not sure if I should be glad about that
or not. It’s a weird situation but hey,
watching the guy you love fall for another
girl, can lead you to drinking.”

          She gave a roll of her eyes, trying to make
          the laugh not sound forced as it left her
          perfect lips. A small shrug followed soon,
          though as she grabbed a bottle of her own,
          taking a seat beside him.

"Would you believe me if I told you
I came back because this is my home?”

" i don’t know, four? not that i really 
remember, i tend to block out my 
childhood as much as possible. “

             not that he really had a reason to block
             out his past, but he just preferred not
             to remember how it was when he was
             growing up under the roof of an up and 
             coming mayor to mystic falls.

" just like hearing that the girl you loved 
slept with your number one enemy. “

           the male couldn’t help but mumble, 
           taking another deep swig from the 
           bottle in his hand.

" not really, no. because this is 
mystic falls we are talking about
after all. “



   ”Is that even possible at this
    point? I didn’t think you’d want
    to start over with me … ever.”

" i don’t know, maybe? i mean we were
friends before all of this, so who’s to say
that we can’t be now? “



               ”Well it’s too late now.
                 I’m inside so get over it Lockwoof.

                        Yeah well Klaus is preoccupied with painting ..
                        whatever it is he paints when he’s mourning.”

                        ” what the hell is he mourning?
                           his loss of brain cells? “



                                     ❛ I like the sound of that.

                                  “        good. “



     ❝ yeah? well, you’re not allowed to just
         dodge this! i’m not one of those other
         girls, tyler. you’ve been my friend for
         so long & now it’s —- it’s different. i
         know you’re freaking out cause i’m
         freaking out too! did you think i wanted
         to fall for one of my best friend?!

and the words had — more or less — finally
left her lips. her chest was still tight with
anxiety but there was some sort of weight
lifted from it. but now? now fear was slowly
creeping in. what if he leaves? what if he
goes back to his old self? she couldn’t
handle that. not this time. not from him.


     ❝ please, tyler. ❞

" y’know      maybe part of me hoped 
that you just went back to donovan. 
i mean hell elena, he knows how to
handle this feelings crap where i 
fucking don’t. “

              but he had his reasons in why feelings
              were hard for him to express. he was
              a lockwood after all and his father
              never showed any emotion towards him, 
              and his mother rarely did anymore because 
              of the pressure she dealt with from his father.
              feelings were foreign to him.

" i don’t want to hurt you, elena. I’m scared 
that’ll be the only thing i do. “

yeah        boredom’s actually leading me into doing shit. like for a small thing.