would you kill, to save a life?
let it all burn
would you kill, to prove you're right?



      “——I’m not gonna let you guilt me into giving you a bottle, Ty. Here—-you know what?” He reaches his hand into his back pocket and removes his wallet, leafing through it before dropping twenty dollars on the counter. As he tucks his wallet away with one hand, he reaches under the counter with the other and pulls a bottle of whiskey out, setting it on the table.

      “There. At least it’s paid for.”

      "Now was that so hard?"

     The old Tyler was showing through now as he watched his best friend give him another bottle of whiskey      one that the new Tyler wouldn’t make him pay for but that one was kind of fading at the moment because of the alcohol that was already in his system from before he even came to The Grill, something that Donovan would look down upon if he knew.

             But hey, he couldn’t live his life sober anymore        remember?



     “Look at that. You’re still alive.”

She poured him a glass as well and slid it over to him, a small smile playing on her lips.

              “So what’s going on with you?”


                 "Funny      because technically I’m not.”

 A  devious smirk tugged at the corner of his lips as he took the glass and brought it up to his lips, nearly finishing it in one gulp.

            “What makes you think that anything’s going on with me?”

[ text ; lockwood ] 
[ text ; lockwood ] 

[ text ; stefan ] yis, dn’t make me steAl ze hair gel. 


[SMS: sent to Lockwood] I don’t know. 
[SMS: sent to Lockwood] There’s blood everywhere.
[SMS: sent to Lockwood] What have I done?

[ text ; cora ] Cora     
[ text ; cora ] I’m on my way, alright? Stay there.


   Caroline couldn’t help but laugh now, because though she knew he was only rushing her out so he could rush her back in, it was funny to see how the tables had turned on her. “Now look at who’s rushing who out. Patience Tyler, patience.” Caroline giggled as she threw her arms around his neck for a moment and looked up at him. “We’re going to have fun, I promise and then we’ll come back and have even more fun. Maybe even break a bad—or two.”


   She knew the idea would make him happy, hell it was making her happy. Tyler also had the unfair advantage of walking around without his shirt on all the time and and itself was getting to Caroline. Looking down at him, she licked her lips for a second before unhooking her arms and grabbing his hand. She had food in her bag and beamed. 

   ”Come on, I’m ready to go and you keep talking about the rain, you’re going to jinx it and I’m not going to have any time to play at all.”

   They had run away to the beach. Caroline didn’t know what Tyler thought would happen when the two of them finally got settled but he couldn’t possibly have thought that she wasn’t going to want to go out every day and have fun. When you came from Mystic Falls, why wouldn’t you? Besides, it seemed so easy on the beach. Nothing ever went wrong.

     The hybrid had to admit that he really liked that idea      probably a little too much, but hey he was still a teenage boy after all and when you added on being a hybrid on top of that well… your sex drive became kind of higher, and the idea of breaking beds just sounded like a game really. So of course he was going to be a little bit excited about that.

      When her arms unraveled from the back of his neck, Tyler accepted her hand in his and leaned down to give her a quick peck on the lips before following her out of their home and into the summer like heat.

                              “Wait, was that a rain drop?”

     The male teased, rolling his eyes at her as they continued their way down to the beach. Things were a little easier it seemed here, there was nothing out of the ordinary and they haven’t ran into anyone of their kind as of yet so… needless to say this was a good place for them to stay for the next few years or so away from Mystic Falls. Because there you couldn’t feel like you were normal with a new breed of creatures coming into town every week, but here? Here you could feel normal, and that’s what the two teenagers needed right now as to feel normal and to be normal.

                            “Where’d you want to set up anyways?”

♫ Stay
by: Florida Georgia Line played 26 times
Album: Here's To The Good Times

I’d sell my soul just to see your face. 
And I’d break my bones just to heal your pain.
In these times I need a saving grace, but time is running out and I’m starting to lose my faith       

all tied up ♔ lightofthemoonx


     Normally this was all Katherine really cared about. The physicality, or what she could gain from using someone. Their meaning only mattered so far as they could be used. If the means outweighed the gain, generally they ended up dead and she moved on. Tyler was different. Far different. Given her past with the Lockwood family heritage, one would think he’d be headed towards a sure death, but in fact the opposite was quite true. Katherine would do just about anything to protect him, with a quiet ferocity. She needed him as much as he needed her, if not more, and that scared her.

      This was the game they always played in the bedroom, a fight for dominance and the craving for control. Neither was okay with being totally submissive. “Tyler…” His name emits in a warning hum before she leans down to hover over top of him. Her hips buck down with a renewed vigor, fingers tugging hard at his hair before teeth clash on his lips, she fucks him harder, with a raw energy as her tongue baits his own in a sensual dance.

    He gave up       giving her the dominance this time around, because he knew that at this point with them both seconds away from their bliss, that fighting for control was useless. And he was fine with that oddly enough, because though he didn’t voice it enough he liked when she took the reigns from him ; not allowing him to have all the control and putting him in his place. She was the superior after all     and some would be quick to say that he was whipped because of his actions now, but in reality they were both whipped in some way. They just didn’t care to show it, or talk about it as much.

   Another groan emitted deep from the hybrids chest, hips bucking upwards as her own hips crashed down upon his causing the seed in the pit of his stomach to expand, feeling the pressure around his thick cock. “Katherine      ” He nearly pleaded, eyes rolling back in jester as one last upwards thrust was given causing that pit to unravel, and for his body to come undone sending him through his climaxed spiral. 

I don’t cake, I love it?


It was a mess, it always had been. No, not always. Not before all of this. Of course, he still would have been a werewolf, and she couldn’t decide if this was better for him or if that would have been. Maybe he wouldn’t have triggered it at all if he never found out what he was? But it was nothing they were able to undo. She just wished things would be different.

                       ”I missed you too. I’m sorry I’m so mad all the time. 

                                                 ——— You just make me crazy.”

She hid her face into his neck, sighing and breathing in his scent. Fuck this wasn’t fair, none of it was. 


   Things would’ve worked out differently if this was a perfect world     if he were normal and if Mystic Falls was normal. But, that’s now how life wanted to work. It wanted to make things far more complicated than they should’ve been, and he knew that even though he loathed it, he had to deal with it just as he had to deal with this messed up relationship. A messed up one that he was willing to mend the pieces back together for, because he needed one thing to be normal. Just one thing.

    He sighed softly then, pulling back from the embrace to nod off towards the oven      a light chuckle falling from his lips, trying to ease the tension between them.

                         ”The cookies are burning by the way.”